Direct Response Copywriter Lynn Swayze

Attention info marketers! Is your marketing making you money? If not, keep reading…

Have you fallen victim to the single most destructive force most businesses will ever face?

This highly contagious state infests your sales messages…

weakens your marketing efforts…

and murders your hard-earned marketing budget…

causing too many entrepreneurs to wave the white flag before they ever get out of the gate…


Dear Entrepreneur,

My name is Lynn Swayze and I’m a professional Direct Response Copywriter.

This means I write words (we pros call it “copy”) which lead people to scoop up your latest offer and thank you for the opportunity to do it.

When done right, you won’t even have to “discount”, “hard sell”,  or do anything unethical in your sales and marketing.

[If you’ve ever wanted to be able to sell on demand and stuff your inbox full of high-quality leads, then this is the most important thing you’ll have read all day. Best news? It’s based on tens of thousands of dollars of my training and time yet given to you free in exchange for a few minutes of your attention.]

You see, most businesses are too infected by a subversive disease that they can’t even see that they’re rotting like a hollow tree… ready to collapse at the first hard wind of market troubles.

Before I tell you about this state and the cure, I want to ask you a question:

Have you ever been on a date with a narcissist?

You know the type. This one may not be a looker, but they sure act as if they’re the hottest catch in town.

They’re the type who doesn’t ask you questions about who you are… what you’re looking for in a date… or what your long-term goals are?

This type will go so far as to order your food for you while droning on…and on….and on… about their life, interests, and problems.

When they do finally take a break so you can get a word in, they immediately respond to your statements by turning your story into something about them.

At the end of the date, you come to realize that you could have been a celebrity and they would have been just as uninterested in you and your unique value.

Most Marketing is Like a Bad Date

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, your sales messages are just like that narcissist.

Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it to you.

On your website, do you have any of the following?

  • Headlines using self-centered pronouns such as “we”, “I”, or “Us”
  • Copy which discusses your service in terms of generic features or which talks about awards you’ve won, certs you’ve gained, or industry leaders you partner with
  • An About Page which doesn’t tell your story or show the real people leading your organization in name or in picture
  • An email opt-in form which says “Stay Updated!” or something similar, instead of a value offering like a lead magnet

Your marketing messages, when done right, should not be about you at all.

Good sales copy will tickle and tease your prospect into rapt attention and keep him engaged until he submits his credit card information to buy. (Or takes whatever the next step is in your sales process.)

 If your ads aren’t performing well… if at all… then you’re likely a victim of what I call…

Narcissistic Marketing Syndrome

Narcissistic marketing syndrome happens when otherwise savvy entrepreneurs only talk about themselves, their solution, and their best qualities.

Instead of speaking to and with their prospects, they’ll say things in their headlines and marketing materials like:

“We’ve been in business since 1987!”


“We are a graphics design firm.”

This type of self-focused marketing is created by well-meaning “brand” marketers and entrepreneurs who believe that because they can write… that they are the best ones to craft a landing page.

Most industries are so infested with “Narcissistic Marketing Syndrome” that finding a healthy, sales-focused marketing campaign is hard to spot.

Even worse, these healthy businesses are beat down by their peers. They’re told that “everyone” is doing some other form of marketing… and told that they’re being too bold and too hyped.

Worse, when some hotshot marketing grad finally comes in to a healthy business, they perform the worst disservice. They’ll immediately “fix” the prospect-focused, sales-friendly copy and reduce it into something bland, boring, and egocentric.

Here’s the truth: by not reaching out to your prospect where she is and talking about what interests her, you’re missing out on potentially millions of dollars’ worth of business opportunities.

The solution to Narcissistic Marketing Syndrome is direct response copywriting.

Direct response copywriting is based on over a century of proven advertising across all mediums… especially the internet. ALL organizations who make the Fortune 500 use direct response. This includes big organizations, like Microsoft, McDonalds, Google, Digital Marketer, and more.

Direct Response Copywriting…

  • Is based on extensive market research to literally jump in the head of your buyer. The best copywriting makes the prospect nod yes… yes… yes…with every line. She’ll feel as if you’re saying everything she’s ever thought about the problem you solve.
  • Speaks directly to and with the prospect. Instead of talking about you like a narcissistic bad date, direct response copywriting speaks directly to the consumer.
  • Builds rapport using story and empathy. We’re all just monkeys in suits pretending that we’re logical. And at the end of the day, sales are made based on gut feelings, relationships, and trust, rather than data and facts.
  • Addresses your prospect’s most pressing fears, problems, and objections. Direct response copywriting tackles your prospect’s buying obstacles before they’re even brought up. This turns an otherwise bumpy sales funnel into a seamless “greased slide”.
  • Uses other people’s words to praise, rather than your own. It’s one thing to proclaim that you have the best product, the nicest customer service, the most reliable uptime… but another to have your happy clients say it for you. Direct response always chooses social proof over hyped up claims.
  • Forces itself to be accountable. Direct response is measurable. It’s tested advertising, as opposed to money-sink spending that never makes the sale. If an ad doesn’t work, it’s tweaked until lit does. Ads, landing pages, and sales letters are split tested and rigorously measured until it can predictably create clients on demand for you.
  • Has definite Return on Investment (ROI). Along with accountability comes a return on investment. Direct response copywriters like me insist that you make a return on investment. Your total sales (front-end and back-end) should far exceed the costs of the copywriting, graphics design, and ad spend. If it doesn’t, then it isn’t working.

The Problem

A highly experienced copywriter can do the work of 100 sales man by bringing you more leads and more sales than you can possibly handle. This ability to bring in results – and prove it – means that hiring a copywriter can be expensive. Good copywriters won’t even show up if you can’t guarantee a $10,000+ up-front payment. And why shouldn’t they?

A good copywriter is worth 10x to 1000x the investment. It’s why multi-million dollar publishers like Boardroom, Agora, Rodale, and others use direct response copywriters to boost their bottom line and sell their goods.

Unfortunately, you probably don’t have that kind of cash just lying around waiting to be spent.

The good news is that site visitors (like you) to can take advantage of a special, limited-time offer when you act before April 1, 2017…

Here’s the deal. I know that many of you have never tried direct response. Understandably, you are a little bit hesitant to plunk down a four- or five-figure hunk of cash on a direct response copywriter…. even an extensively trained and proven one like me.

So I want to remove all your risk by offering you a deal:

I will write your sales copy … landing pages, VSL script, sales letters, insert ads, PPC ads…

…whatever it is that you need….


….IF you meet a certain set of qualifications which I’ll outline at the bottom of this page.

I call it the…

The No Hassle, Risk-free


(Boost Sales and Create Better Clients – GUARANTEED)

Listen, I know that the trust hurdle is the hardest to overcome. I figure what better way to win your trust than to shoulder all the burden of failure? You have enough on your plate as it is. Why not let me prove myself to you…rather than the other way around?

If you have a sales funnel in place and are ready to drastically improve your response rates, then this is one offer you cannot afford to pass up. 

Your No Risk Copywriting Package Includes

  • Commissions-Only Fee Schedule
  • 1-Hour Marketing Call
  • Custom Copy Delivered within 15 Days
  • 30-day revision to split-test

Here’s why you want to take advantage of this offer:

  1. You’ll get copy exclusively crafted for you, your market, and your unique product or service. No “fill in the blanks” or outsourced copy which make you sound like everyone else.
  2. You’ll get copy written using the same PROVEN copywriting techniques used by world-famous copywriters such as John Carlton, Kevin Rogers, Jon Benson, Ben Settle, Gary Bencivenga, Clayton Makepeace, John Caples, Jay Abraham, and Eugene Schwartz.
  3. You’ll get the chance to approve the pre-launch outline of the copy before it’s fully fleshed out, so we’re on the same page. I use the same method employed by Agora to fast-track the outlining process.
  4.  You’ll get up to three revisions on any piece of copy pre-launch
  5.  You’ll get copy written using persuasive sales techniques such as neuro-linguistic programming, rapport-building, and storytelling
  6. All your copy is delivered remotely and electronically. This speeds up the delivery and makes it so that I can work with anyone anywhere.
  7. Your copy is compatible with any digital or offline marketing funnel, including Google Adwords, Facebook ads, and funnels as taught by Russel Brunson, Russ Ruffino, Digital Marketer, and others.
  8. You’ll get payment terms rarely offered to entrepreneurs anymore. You’ll only pay for results. I may be one of the only copywriters at my level who still believes in “commissions only” copywriting.
  9. At the end, you’ll get a post-launch case study to send traffic back to your website and product. (Totally optional.
  10. All copy is yours to keep. You retain 100 percent copyright to everything produced.
  11. I’m actively offering this to your competitors. And once I’m booked, I’ll likely shut my doors for a while. Wouldn’t you rather take up the slot on my calendar, rather than that other guy?


“Do I qualify for the no-risk Underdog Copywriting Solution?”

Since I can only work with people who will receive a return on investment, the following caveats apply.

  1. You already have some traction in your business. That is, you’re already selling something. If this doesn’t apply but you’re willing to do #2-4, simply send a note about your background, your offer, and your advertising budget.
  2. You are willing to spend money on advertising. This could mean direct mail, PPC ads, Facebook ads, magazine/newspaper ads, etc.
  3. You are willing to pay a commission on the sales you make. My fee is 5 percent for all sales while my copy is in play or I am helping with your marketing strategy.
  4. You are coachable. I won’t work with people who favor the scrutiny of untrained family members or “friends” over their business consultant. I’ve sacrificed considerable time, sweat, and money to become an expert in what I do. You must be willing to listen to new advice and change what isn’t working. It won’t always be pleasant, but it will bring you results.
  5. You can handle a flood of new business. This should go without saying. You must have the infrastructure and manpower necessary to handle the flood of new business.

I’m ready to claim my no-risk UNDERDOG COPYWRITING PACKAGE.